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Bear Season

I’m hibernating like a bear, for many reasons. Let’s count the ways…
1) I’m a new mom. I have alot to get use too.
2) Not really a big fan of my body right now. Yes I was expecting a even better body than I had before I got pregnant once she popped out.
3) My back is still fucked, so my pimp walk is in full affect!
4) I breast feed and we’re still getting into a feeding schedule
5) I don’t really want to waste my time with people right now, for when I do have spare time (which is a joke, showering is a luxury) I have a thousand things to do
6) I just started sleeping when she sleeps. The first two weeks, I wouldn’t sleep unless someone else was awake watching her.. Yeah I’m crazy! But still am very sleep deprived.
7) It’s cold season and I rather just avoid anyone and everyone that might have a sniffle
8) Everyone is usually sleeping at my peak times.. Like 3 am


About Rock A Bye Daddy

I never know what to say in the About sections. Wouldn't you get who I am through my blog? Well, I am 25 years old. I am from the big city Toronto but most of the time it feels like a small town. I am a soon to be first time mom, (yes, my eggo is preggo. Duh!) Unlike most fairy tales that every little girl dreams about, I am doing this alone. The daddy took off with the news like a bat out of hell. Here is my adventure through a new phase of a woman's life... Like me, Love me, Hate me.. whatever.

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  1. Oh that first 12 weeks is a blur! Don’t worry about the rest of the world – it will still be there when you’re ready for it! Enjoy every moment, it really does pass in an instant. Sleeping at the same time is a good practice to get into – 12 months on it’s the one thing I wish I’d done. The thousand other things can wait. Congratulations on finding time to post a blog!!

  2. I nodded through each of the points you made .. .especially not sleeping for the first 2 weeks unless someone else was watching her – so true, I did that with my son … and then I started sleeping with him on me because I could feel his breathing! How crazy lol!

    But hope ur enjoying motherhood fellow mama xx


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